Laminating Service

Laminating (Encapsulating) Service – Industrial laminating

Service laminating is large-scale, high-quality laminating in short timeframes. We only work with high-performance machines and our strength is being able to laminate up to 50,000 A4 pages per day. At the same time these machines enable every piece of paper to be sealed in an identical way. We can also laminate with borders, if desired, or without and we guarantee the highest quality films,     flatness of product and film borders.

Laminierservice - industrielles laminieren

The advantages that laminating gives the coating is its protection from wear and tear, dirt and moisture, as well the enhanced appearance. Industries and areas which benefit from these advantages tend to be technical instruction and operating manuals, notices in workshops such as maintenance-, emergency-, escape-, vaccination- and building plans. Other areas include pharmaceutical information sheets, information and warning signs, advertising posters as well as maps and important documents in shops, factories, laboratories, not forgetting outside areas in restaurants such as place mats and menus. Large posters and prints, both in- and outdoors, achieve an improved optical brilliance through lamination.

Use our professional and quick laminating service for your prints. Upon request we can offer many add-ons or we can simply laminate and return to you with our express service. We have more than 30 years of experience and are ideally equipped to fulfil any of your paper laminating requirements.