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Casslam was founded in 1989 and at the beginning the focus lay with the sales of film pouches, the laminating machines for them and a laminating service.

Thanks to the purchase of converting machinery, master rolls could be cut in any length or width as laminating film and be sold as laminating film on rolls. With the use of the most modern technology and highly skilled employees, the Dolphin-Film, a premium film, was developed over a number of years. This laminate, which has a high polyester content, offers the highest quality in colour reproduction, sharpness, scratch resistance and flatness.

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Many of our customers don’t purchase a laminating machine, but want to take advantage of the Dolphin-Films for their printed paper. This is how our industrial laminating service for our customers came about. A modern fleet of machines, qualified employees and high-class laminating film guarantee that Casslam’s laminating service fulfils all customer requirements, whether it be for business or private individuals. Additional services Casslam offers include hole-punching, inserting eyelets, customising sizes, spiral binding as well as border cutting. We are able to guarantee fast delivery times, as we hold high levels of stock and produce the products in-house. The sealing of paper can be finished in either high-gloss or matt and the laminating service is offered in many strengths 35/35, 75/75, 125/125, 175/175 or 250/250 micron.

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